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Our goal in this project is to implement a system with improved versatility that can be reconfigured according to the specifications of sensors and actuators connected to SenInts. To achieve above objective, different sensor interfaces will be integrated over SoCs or SiPs. The system can adapt its specifications which allows scaling down the power consumption of the SenInt and, consequently, a specific SenInt for a specific sensor is no longer needed.

Implementation of all targeted SenInts requires a deep knowledge of analog and mixed-signal circuit design including RF circuits, power electronics, monitoring modules, and read-out circuits. Also, experience on handling large scale integrated circuits (ICs) is mandatory.

In addition, different technologies such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and photonic should be explored to implement heterogeneous blocks such as digital isolators, 3D ICs and custom technology to enhance the performance and reduce the chip area and number of I/O pins.


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