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Versatile Systems-on-Chip Integration to Reduce Aircraft Weight and Gas Emission

Number of sensors, actuators and corresponding bulky electronic systems as well as their related power and data cables, which occupy a remarkable space and increase the weight of aircrafts, are rapidly growing in modern aircrafts. The resulting consequences have made the aeronautic and aerospace industries actively look for solutions to miniaturize conventional electronic systems and their related accessories to reduce the bulkiness and weight.

This project aims to integrate building blocks for a versatile aircraft (VairCRAFT). This will not only have impressive impacts on reducing the weight of aircrafts and its consequences, but it also provides a mean to have a higher level of versatility which is important in an aircraft due to different sensor and actuator specifications. To achieve above objective, different sensor interfaces will be integrated over SoCs or SiPs. Such sensor interfaces are supposed to generate required currents and voltages to excite different sensors and actuators through power electronic circuits. Read back circuits are supposed to monitor and control the sensor interfaces.

These efforts bring economic and environmental benefits by drastically diminishing the consumed fuel and greenhouse emissions, respectively.


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