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Aerospace industry should have developed specific designs for specific SenInts and each specific SenInt has been exclusively used in specific aircraft. This increases design complexity, time to market (ToM), cost and it also requires more development time. Therefore, it is beneficial to implement a system with improved versatility that can be re-configured according to the specifications of sensors and actuators connected to SenInts.

This project will target novel approaches to implement versatile SoCs/SiPs capable of monitoring and controlling a wide range of sensors, servo-valves and solenoids.

The following lists the targeted SenInts:

1) Discrete interfaces including discrete signal input and output (DSI and DSO) SenInt, Power output (PO) SenInt and BD429 SenInt.

2) Analog interfaces including versatile analog input (ANIV), versatile analog output (ANOV) SenInt.

All SenInts can be broken into two categories when it comes to the implementations:

1) High-voltage blocks (HVBs), e.g. digital isolator, switching power amplifiers, etc.

2) Low-voltage blocks, e.g. read-out circuits, filters, ADCs and DACs, which can operate at lower supply voltage to save power.

The outcomes of this project will be validated following widely adopted standards in aerospace industry for new technology assessment, namely the Technology readiness levels (TRLs).


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